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Ain’t It Cool News says that John “Jomo” Morrison “has an expert eye for building tension and sets up quite a few scares that caused my black heart to go a-flutter.”
He is currently developing Arcade Death Zone, a retro ’80s-style horror/comedy. Arcade Death Zone was a fan favourite in the Canada-wide CineCoup film funding competition, making it to the #10 spot through fan voting and social media engagement.

John’s short film Sleepwalk made its world premiere at the New York City Horror Film Festival, where it won the Audience Choice Award for Best Short Film. Next it screened at the Everybody Dies Horror Film Festival in Los Angeles, the Atlanta Horror Film Festival, and many others. He has written and story-edited several short films which have enjoyed major success on the festival circuit.

John “Jomo” Morrison is currently also developing several other feature projects in the horror, thriller and sci-fi genres. He is also working freelance on promotional videos and graphic design, and has edited broadcast and online commercials at Barbershop Films and assistant edited at Convergent Entertainment as well as working at Omni Factual and Great Pacific Media.