[NFFTY festival founder Jesse] Harris’s eyes lit up when he described NFFTY’s selection of films, all of which he feels personally invested in. Two of his personal favorites will premiere on opening night: “Da Capo,” a visually mesmerizing break-dance film from Germany, and “Shuffleboard Kings,” a comedy about a widower who joins a local senior shuffleboard team in search of friendship.
– Seattle Times, April 22, 2012


“SLEEPWALK got me and it got me good. The filmmaker has an expert eye for building tension and sets up quite a few scares that caused my black heart to go a-flutter. SLEEPWALK is going to make you jump whether you like it or not. Personally, anything that makes me jump this high gets a solid recommendation from me.”
– Ain’t It Cool News

“Ok, by far the scariest short from the [New York City Horror Film Festival], hands down. Viewers were jumping and screaming in the theater, which leads me to believe the seats were filled with horror newcomers, but even this veteran was visibly irked, so that says something, no? But for me, I am terrified of paranormal stuff, which is exactly what SLEEPWALK is… It was a festival favorite amongst audiences, one I won’t soon forget either.”
– We Got This Covered

“One of the most mind-blowing of [CineCoup’s] trailers was for John “Jomo” Morrison’s 80s throwback horror/comedy/adventure film ARCADE DEATH ZONE, which looks to mix Amblin-era Spielberg with a dash of extreme violence for good measure. Morrison sat down with Daily Grindhouse’s Doug Tilley to talk nostalgia, piecing together an arcade, and the recent glut of Canadian genre films.”
– Daily Grindhouse

“While scrolling through Twitter last night, I happened across the trailer for the retro 80’s horror film, Arcade Death Zone, and it is glorious… Arcade Death Zone appears to hit exactly the right combination of extreme gore and tongue in cheek comedy, and I promise you’ll feel transported back to a time where horror was just better.”
– Killer Horrorcast

“There are several entries in the horror genre but one caught my eye due to the eighties nature and cool video game graphics.  Learn about the film, then go to the film’s landing page on CineCoup to support the filmmakers!”
– Modern Horrors

– Horror Fix